Welcome! Peas Love & Jalapeños is a blog dedicated to my favorite meals that I make for my husband and three young daughters. I stick to healthy, mostly vegan food, using simple, whole ingredients whenever possible, with a little “something else” when necessary. “Something else” meaning that while I’m fairly adamant about cutting out animal products from the food I prepare and the majority of what I cook is 100% plant-based, if that lasagna is going to taste better with a little cheese, I’m going to use the real stuff. And I will never turn down a non-vegan cupcake or any dessert with cajeta (the Mexican equivalent to caramel) if offered to me.  Many of the dishes are inspired by the amazing meals I have enjoyed in my husband’s hometown of Mexico City, with my own healthy twist.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and that they may inspire you to give semi-veganism a shot, if you haven’t already!

A little background on me:

I was raised in Berkeley, CA by travel-loving foodie ex-hippie parents and was influenced early on by some of the best food on earth. I’m not talking about Chez Panisse (although today I would eat there every time I came home if I could…), I’m talking about spicy Pakistani curries, authentic Mexican food, Malaysian roti canais to die for, addictive Ethiopian doro wot and fresh and vibrant Chinese food.

I was also surrounded by friends from all corners of the world from an early age, and I can remember being intrigued to learn how to cook the various cuisines I was exposed to in each of their homes.  From the injera and vegetarian stews at my Ethiopian friend’s home, to the ghormeh sabzi and fesenjoon at my Iranian friends’ homes, to the manjar blanco we used to devour at my Peruvian friend’s home, to the agua de tamarindo and the best flautas and tamales I have ever had at my Mexican friend’s home (and I live in Queens, NY now so that means they were realllly good), I was a lucky girl being spoiled by first-hand tastes of these various cuisines, learning a bit of each of the languages and cultural traits along the way.  I did all this without traveling more than a few miles from home – little did I know I would end up with a career in travel public relations, where I now get to travel the world experiencing various cultures and foods in the actual countries!

I became a semi-vegan in high school, following in my older brother’s footsteps after he read Diet For a New America, and the rest is history.

And that’s enough about me. Peace, Love and Happiness!

Suzie Flores

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  1. Carly says:

    Hi Suzie, I’m so excited to read your recipes! Your blog looks great. We are always looking for some new meal ideas and I cannot wait to try some of your recipes. In fact I think I will make some banana ice cream right now!


    1. Thanks so much Carly! I hope you like the recipes!


  2. Susana A Benitez says:

    Hello Suzie! Your blog looks amazing, I am so happy that I will finally be able to cook at home some of the deliciousness that you’ve cooked for us! I can’t wait to try them all out… If you ask me, the kid friendly part sounds like a life saver to me!


    1. Gracias Susa! Yes, we are in the same boat 🙂


  3. Connie says:

    Beautiful blog, Suzie. It might even get me to the stove!


  4. Jessica Martin says:

    Hola Suzie,
    I’m so excited to rediscover your blog. It looks amazing! My daughter recently became a vegetarian and has been looking for tasty recipes and I think we just found the perfect place to get them!!


    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks so much for your comment, and that’s awesome to hear about your daughter 🙂 How old is she? Would love to hear what she thinks – and you! – after trying some of them. So crazy it has been so long since I’ve seen you, I hope you and your family are well and one of these days when we are out in CA it would be so nice to get together. xoxo


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