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Welcome! Peas Love & Jalapeños is a blog dedicated to my favorite meals that I make on a daily basis for my family. I stick to healthy, mostly vegan food, using simple, whole ingredients whenever possible.  I am a busy mom of three, and I always gravitate towards easy meals that are quick to prepare--but I never skimp on taste!  The majority of what I cook is 100% plant-based, but I will sometimes use cheese (a good vegan cheese alternative can always be substituted in these cases).

My husband is from Mexico City and much of my cooking is inspired by the complex culinary culture of Mexico and from what I soak up by spending time in his family's kitchen.  I was raised in a very multicultural society, and I have also gained much of my inspiration from spending time in the kitchens of my friends growing up and watching their families prepare amazing meals from around the globe.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!


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