Fresh Corn Tortillas

I’d like to start off this post with three important words: Black Lives Matter. This may not seem to fit with a tortilla-making video, but for me, this message fits 100% with everything I stand for, so that includes this platform. And I have decided to use every platform I can to spread this message of peace and love.

We in the U.S. need to change our environment to help ensure that our children grow up truly learning what racism is and that it is wrong. I grew up in Berkeley, California, learning the importance of recognizing overt and covert racism since I can remember, with the goal of uprooting this ugliness wherever possible. However over the years, while I continued to believe in this fight with all my heart, I became less adamant in voicing my beliefs, because, well, it’s exhausting. It is exhausting trying to wake people who want to stay asleep. It’s exhausting explaining racism to somebody who refuses to analyze it and come to terms with their own racist tendencies. And it is exhausting to always be on the lookout for racism. But that doesn’t make it right, and if it is exhausting for me, I can only imagine how tiring it is for my black friends and family–and all my friends and family frankly who are not white. But with this current movement, I have woken from that convenient slumber and have decided to work to spread this message of love. And that is exactly what it is–a message of love. What our country as a whole is experiencing now is an awakening, and it is my hope that everyone starts to fight this battle and doesn’t leave it after a couple of weeks and move on to something else.

Love is also what my blog and YouTube channel, Peas Love and Jalapeños, is all about. Cutting out animal products and taking a stand against the atrocities of the meat and dairy industry through what we choose to eat is about love.  Love for animals and treating them all with kindness.  Love for our environment, which is being destroyed in a major way by the meat and dairy industry.  I enjoy sharing these recipes that I serve to my own family, with all of you, in hopes that it will make your journey a little bit easier, or spark the beginning of that journey for you.

And now, on to making some tortillas!

Have you ever gotten ready to make quesadillas or tacos only to realize you’ve run out of tortillas? It happens to me all the time (mommy brain, can’t keep track of anything these days), which is why I always have a bag of Mexican masa harina on hand. Maseca is the most popular brand, however I prefer to use Non-GMO corn whenever possible.  At the moment I am using this brand which is organic and I found at Whole Foods: Masa Brosa.

Making fresh corn tortillas is EASY! It helps if you have a tortilla press–which you don’t have to go to Mexico to get, lots of places carry them now, including Amazon–but if you don’t have one you can just roll them out with a rolling pin, or anything that resembles a rolling pin. You will also need some wax paper or parchment paper. Zip lock bags or plastic wrap also work well (I just try to avoid using plastic whenever I can).

Check out the full demo on my YouTube channel, here:


  • 2 cups Mexican masa harina
  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt


  1. Add water and salt to masa harina.
  2. Mix with hands until combined, and then knead dough for a couple of minutes.
  3. Divide into about 15 small balls and cover with a damp towel to keep from drying out as you go.
  4. Heat pan over high heat.
  5. Line tortilla press with wax paper, add a ball to the center, and press down very firmly to get tortilla as flat as possible.
  6. As you make the tortillas, keep them under damp towel until ready to cook.
  7. Add tortillas to hot pan (no oil necessary) and cook for about 25-30 seconds, then flip and cook another 25-30 seconds. A good sign is when you see them bubble. Flip one last time and cook for about 20 seconds.
  8. Store cooked tortillas in a tortilla warmer or wrapped in a kitchen towel. They will harden and dry out if you leave them out in open air.
  9. These keep well for a few days, you can store in the refrigerator and re-heat in the microwave or stovetop.


**Read ratios on the package of masa harina as they will vary depending on the brand. Ratios are of course also not set in stone and you can decide based on how the masa feels. If it is at all dry or a little crumbly, add a bit more water. If it feels sticky, add a bit more flour.



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