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Banana "Ice Cream"


This "ice cream" is amazing!  And it's a mom's best friend. With just two ingredients, it is easy to make, my kids love it and there is no added sugar--the perfect dessert! All you need are 4 frozen bananas (cut up, put in the freezer in a zip lock bag for a few hours), and a tablespoon of almond butter. Add both to a food processor, and let it go until it looks like ice cream, about two minutes.  I usually also add a tablespoon of cacao powder, which is our favorite combination. Below is a shot of my daughter Isa from about three years ago in 2017 when we first made this--pretty clear she's a fan, no?! She still loves it today, along with her younger twin sisters Nadia and Adriana. You can check out all three of my little chiquitas trying it out and giving their honest opinion in my quick YouTube video tutorial here:

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