Banana “Ice Cream”

I have been hearing for some time about frozen bananas turning into “ice cream” when thrown into a food processor, but I never really believed it before.  That sounded too good to be true …No added sugar?  No other ingredients?  But, now that I have tried it for myself, I am all in.  It is amazing!  All you need are two to three frozen bananas (cut up, put in the freezer in a zip lock bag for a few hours.  Also, use ripe but not very very ripe bananas) and a spoonful of almond butter (optional, but it adds a nice flavor and consistency), and voila.  Use a food processor, not a blender, and let it go until it looks like ice cream, about a minute or two.  I recently added cocoa powder (about two tablespoons, or a little more, depending on how chocolaty you like it), which is now my favorite combination, and it is also for my daughter Isa…pretty clear from the below picture, no?! You can of course add toppings of choice as well, such as chocolate chips, as pictured above.



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